Why StopUP?

Major progress has been achieved in protecting European freshwaters through works associated with implementing the Urban Waste Water Treatment (UWWTD) and other Directives. However, urban pollution still poses a threat to the quality of the receiving water bodies.


How StopUP?

StopUP will equip drainage engineers and supporting experts with better solutions for managing urban surface water runoff taking into account the project pressures due to climate change.

Objective 1: Enabling advanced methods for the monitoring...


When StopUP?

This European project runs from September 2022 till August 2025. You can follow along the progress on this project via this website.

StopUP will communicate the research and findings by publishing articles, blog posts and social media posts.


Who StopUP?

There are nine partners and two associated partners, collaborating on the StopUP project.

- Norway (NO)

- The United Kingdom (UK)

- The Netherlands (NL)

- Belgium (BE)

- Germany (DE)

- Switzerland (CH)

- Italy (IT)

- Tunesia (TN)

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associated partners

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Case studies all over europe and tunisia

Aachen, Germany

The full-scale retention soil filter is under construction to further protect the receiving river Wurm from the com- bined sewer overflow emissions. The quality...

Bologna, Italy

The multi-utility operator HERA has developed a numerical model of the Bologna sewer system with the InfoWorks CS software. However, ...

River Birs and Birsfelden, Switzerland

The central retention basin at the WWTP and the nine tanks in the sewer system are insufficient to retain the stormwater for all storm events. Recent investi...

Berchem & Wetteren, Flanders

At the demo site, runoff water from old Berchem (a nearby residential area occasionally suffering from floods) and the Single (ring road around A...

Trondheim, Norway

The Lademoen city district has been selected as a focus district in 2022/2023 by the municipality. This includes investment for upgrades to the ...

Tunis, Tunesia

The Sebkha Sijoumi is a wetland of great ecological value in the middle of an urban area (the South-western sub- urb of Greater Tunis). It is Ramsar site...