Case Study Site Event Unibo 08/02/2024

Event Date:
Start at 9:00 AM
February 8, 2024


The StopUP project was presented on February 8, at the University of Bologna, in the framework of a conference entitled “Innovative approaches to wastewater treatment and reuse in the era of climate change: the MAR2PROTECT, StopUP and WATERUN projects”.

The conference, attended by
155 participants from academia, water utilities, public institutions and technology providers, was articulated in a first session dedicated to the management and treatment of urban runoff and combined sewer overflow, and a second session focused on the removal of micropollutants from wastewater and its reuse for managed aquifer recharge.


The conference ended with a round table on the future perspectives of wastewater treatment
taking into account the proposed revision of the EU wastewater directive. The conference included a large participation of members of the Community of Practice relative to the Italian case study of the StopUP project.

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